The Fundamentals

Flash Photography


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This class will show you the fundamentals of off-camera flash photography. We'll set up the flashes and use triggers to get the right exposure. We'll use distance and space to control light fall-off, and we'll use different light modifiers so you can see how the quality of light changes with different modifications.

This class works with Nikon, Canon, Sony and Fuji cameras.

We will use the Godox/Flashpoint system as it's quick and easy to learn, it's inexpensive, but most importantly, it does a fabulous job of nailing the exposures.

If you have flashes with remote triggers/ability, then bring them. The Godox system is the primary system we'll use, but we'll work with your flashes as time allows. 


Class size is limited to four so everyone gets a lot of time and it runs for three hours.



  • How to navigate and set up off-camera flashes.
  • How to make the camera and flashes work for you.
  • How to control light quality through the use of light modifiers.
  • How to manipulate the flashes by simply moving them.
  • How to remove and control glare.


To Register - Just contact Mike at [email protected]