Let me help you into the world of photography.


Simply put, the School of Photography:

  • Will crash your learning curve.
  • Simplifies instruction.
  • Adapts to your schedule and learning style.
  • Provides the foundation for all further pursuits in photography.
  • And moves at your learning speed.


Topics for instruction include:

  • Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Photography
  • Fine Art Landscape, Astro, Macro and Infrared
  • Portrait and Product Photography
  • Studio and Off-Camera-Flash
  • Photography for Content and Web Design
  • Processing, Printing, File Management, etc...


For people moving into the photographic business world, I routinely help people:

  • Enter and succeed at professional competitions.
  • Win awards
  • Get published
  • Start a business
  • Get recognized as a professional photographer.


I teach professionally as my occupation, I teach because it's fun, and I'm an adjunct professor teaching photography at the colleges. I have a formal education in photography, over 15 years of professional experience, and I speak to professional photography organizations throughout the country. I'm also the current President for the Professional Photographers of Washington. I know my stuff and I excel at showing others how to shoot amazing images. 


Any questions? Let's meet first and you can tell me about yourself and what you'd like out of a set of classes. We can meet at my studio or at a coffee shop. 


There's no magic to learning how to shoot great images. The trick is to:

  • Simplify the learning curve.
  • Teach to creative intent.
  • Build craft by using industry best practices.
  • Show the path to gaining strong confidence.
  • Enable rapid growth by providing open and professional level feedback.


There are a ton of photographers calling themselves instructors, but few have my skill sets, credentials or track record of success.

I invite you to peruse my Credentials Page and Galleries. 

And once again, let me know if you'd like to meet first. I enjoy meeting new people, talking photography, and seeing if I can help them out.  


Email: [email protected]

(509) 995-2954