Hello and Welcome!!!


                                                         Let me help you into the world of photography.

I am a photographer who shot and taught professional photography classes for years. A new career presented itself a few months ago, and well, I took it. 

I am no longer teaching one-on-one classes. However...helping people learn photography is what I do and what I enjoy. So, Mike Busby's School of photography is merely in transition until life settles down.  

The plan is to develop a photography curriculum that will:

  • Help people new to photography with real and practical advice.
  • Show people what to look for in instruction.
  • Provide paths ad approaches to successful learning. 
  • How to master the technicals, and then
  • How to master the creative. 

My approach is unique, its positive, and most importantly, we have a lot of fun with it. 

So, if you made it here, bookmark this site, as it will develop through the end of 2022. I might add that I'm not looking for a buck. And that means I'm open and can give away everything I know.

If you're on Facebook, please friend me (My banner is a shot with the sun and the stars). It's where I put most of my current images and where I can talk with people. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to help you soon.


[email protected]