2021 PPA Masters of Photography Degree.                                        2020 OPPA Best Landscape, Best Composition,

                                                                                                                                              CPP PPA State Elite Award

Mike Busby Certified Professional Photographer


              2022 PPA CPP State Elite Award for "Dwell in Starlight"                              2021 PPA Bronze Photographer of the Year

       A view of the Master Craftsman Degree from PPA for Mike Busby Photography PPA Master Degree for Photographic Craftsman for Mike Busby .       Three trophies and awards for Mike Busby PhotographyOregon Professional Photographers Association2020 Awards for Mike. busby Photography

                       2022 PPA Master Craftsman Degree                                                                  2020 OPPA Awards


                 2021 PPA Bronze Photographer of the Year                                    2022 PPW Best Industrial - "Night Works"



Mike Busby Photography Spokane Carousel2017 PPW Best Architecture 2017 PPA Merited Mike Busby Photography River Lights2018 PPW - Judges Choice Award 2018 PPA Merited   

                                2017 PPW Best Architecture                                                                      2018 PPW Judges Choice

                           2017 PPA Merited - National Exhibit                                                         2018 PPA Merited - National Exhibit


Lady of Our Lourdes

                        2018 PPA Artist Merited - National Exhibit                                                        2018 PPW Best Areal

                                                                                                                                   2018 PPA Merited - National Exhibit


                                2017 PPW Best Illustrative                                                                      2018 PPA Merited - National Exhibit

                           2017 PPA Merited - National Exhibit











                                2017 PPA Merited - National Exhibit                                              2018 PPA Artist Merited - National Exhibit




                   2018 Bronze Photographer of the Year                                                      Cover Photo - Winter 2018

                           International Competition



                           "Infrared Photography"                                                                   2017 Bronze Photographer of the Year

                                                                                                                                         International Competition




A graceful egret flying low over water.Grace - by Mike Busby Photography A church in silhouette  under the Milky WayAfter Hours by Mike Busbys School of Photography

PPA/PPW Merited Image 2019                                                          PPA/PPW Merited Image 2019

Entered into National Exhibit                                                              Entered into National Exhibit

Washington Water Power and the Spokane River at NightNight Moves by Mike Busby Photography

PPW 2019 - Best Industrial Award

PPW/PPA Merited 2019

Entered into National Exhibit

Selected for PPA Showcase


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Published Spring 2019                                                                      Published Winter 2018