Introductory Photography
Let me help you into the world of photography.
Simply put, the School of Photography:
  • Will crash your learning curve.
  • Simplifies instructions.
  • Adapts to your schedule and learning style.
  • Provides the foundation for all further pursuits in photography.
  • Moves at your learning speed.


I teach private lessons as my profession, I teach at the local colleges, I teach for the Professional Photographers of Washington and the Professional Photographers of America, but most importantly, I teach because it's fun and I like the people I meet.  


Would you like to meet first? Shoot me a message at [email protected] or (509) 995-2954 and we'll find a place to meet and talk a little photography. 

Introduction to Photography
Class Description: This class is for people starting photography, and it’s fantastic for people who are frustrated or have given up on their camera. The first lesson: It’s not you!!! It’s an issue of light, how to evaluate it, and how to photograph it. This class introduces the fundamentals of photography and encourages the photographer to start making active decisions about their images.

Learn how to:
     - Shoot with Confidence for exposure, sharpness and composition.
     - Shoot natural light landscapes.
     - Shoot natural light portraits.
     - Make blurred or sharp backgrounds.
     - Control motion.
The subject material:
     - Camera Essentials – What parts of the camera you need to know and how to understand the
     - Learn how to make the camera work for you – Aperture and Shutter Mode
     - Learn how to get correct exposure every single time
     - Control Depth of Field and Motion
     - This class meets in the studio and in the field
Requirements: Any camera and the desire to learn.

Mike Busby Introductory PhotographyIntroductory Photography