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Infrared Season by Mike Busby Photography

November 21, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Infrared Season

A personal project from the past two winters highlighted how low the sun is on the horizon during the winter months. It's what's creating those long drawn out shadows. You can get them in the other seasons, but only in the early morning or late evening. In the Winter, you can shoot them all day long on any sunny day.


  An infrared photograph of a beautiful backlit tree with an orange sky. Infrared SunriseInfrared Sunrise by Mike Busby Photography

Photography at f8 at 1/180th sec, ISO 200 - Finch Arboretum. 


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November 02, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

"Ed Hendler Cable Bridge"


the Blue Hour

Pasco, Wa


A photograph of a cable bridge in Pasco, WAEd Hendler Bridge


Photographer: Mike Busby


Mike Busby's School 





Old Faithful by Mike Busby's School of Photography

November 01, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

"Old Faithful"

in Infrared

f8, 1/500th sec at ISO 200


A black and white photography of Old Faithful in Yellowstone park. "Old Faithful""Old Faithful" in infrared


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November 1, 2019


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New Friends - by Mike Busby's School of Photography

October 31, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

"New Friends"


One of my happy shots. I had wanted to shoot the barn in the background, but

this huge horse galloped to us as soon as we got out of the truck.

It was shot in infrared at f8, 1/500th sec at ISO 200.


A photograph of a beautiful horse and barn as shot in infrared"New Friends" by Mike Busby's School of PhotographyCapturing a beautiful horse while shooting in infrared.


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"Out There" - Thoughts on Breaking the Barriers and the Nature of Creativity

October 29, 2019  •  4 Comments

A few nights ago I was working on “Last Call” while watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone. It’s been a great source of inspiration due its settings, themes, and unique approach to storytelling. It came to me that it was time to create a body of work that speaks to the Twilight Zone. A new theme to help me see beyond convention. This portfolio reflects past work, it's meant to inform the future, and it flows with my thoughts on creativity.


"Last Call" by Spokane Photography Classes

Last Call - Mike Busby Photography

                                                                                                      "Last Call at Gallow's End" © 2015, Mike Busby


People say someone is creative, or that creativity is reflected in someone’s work. However, creativity is not a singular trait or skill — it’s the collection of our attitudes and approaches to life. When we look to creativity we find it consisting of our willingness to encounter new events; our temperaments while interpreting new experiences; the capacity to stretch the imagination; and our ability to question our beliefs. Improving creativity is picking one of these categories and start working on it.


"Out There" by Spokane Photography Classes

"Out There" © 2013 Mike Busby


 Creativity is more than the crafting of expression — it's how we make meaning of experiences, and it’s essential to navigating everyday life. Everybody has it, and everybody uses it. It manifests when a child uses a crayon, when someone builds something new, or whenever someone engages with their passion. Before expression there is discovery and the imagination, and this is where creativity thrives.


"Distant View" © 2015 Mike Busby


Exploration is my passion, and I use the camera to see beyond conventional horizons. My view of exploration is not necessarily one of new places, but one of new perspectives — the thrust of the Twilight Zone. Infrared is used to photograph an alternate light spectrum. One that exists in nature, but resides just beyond the visible realm. Places of reflection are used to view the grandeur of nature, and how it can be observed and shared through design elements. I’ve come to understand that greater themes are not necessarily great in and of themselves, but they become great when framed with the human condition. I’ve used place and space to reflect elements of the known and the unknown and their effect when placed together. Not all of these ideas are used in every shot, but every once in a while something presents itself, and these thoughts give direction to capturing it.


"Dwell in Starlight" by Spokane Photography Classes

"To Dwell in Starlight" © 2016 Mike Busby


The Twilight Zone is the space where a pause is given to the imagination. It’s a place of reflection without concerning ourselves with others. It’s a place of personal freedom and enjoyment, and it’s the place where we become ourselves. Writing to it and giving it language makes it real. Articulating abstract notions into design elements shifts it from romantic ideals into physical representations. Creating a portfolio gives a target to creative direction that will inform future work.


Dreamscapes by Spokane Photography Classes

"Crossroads Tree" © 2016 Mike Busby


Sterling’s introduction to the first season resonates with the creative thoughts of the great names like Hegel, Kant, Einstein, and Sagan. I consider myself a practical guy living in a practical world, but I’m also someone who wants to explore beyond conventional experience and understanding — and it seems there is some direction emanating from the Twilight Zone.

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