The Color Class - All About Color

A photo of the Spokane Carousel at night with rainbow colors reflected on the water.The Spokane Carousel at NightThe Spokane Carousel at Night by Mike Busby Photography


If you are struggling with color and printing, then you are not alone.


Color in digital photography is complex and frequently misunderstood. The tools to evaluate and effectively manage color are present in Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop, but they are awkward to learn and apply without a working knowledge of color.


The goal of this class is to simplify and address the common issues associated with color photography and printing. It will provide an over of color, anchors to base decisions, and a fundamental understanding for resolving problems.


More importantly, it breaks down and easily describes and rather complex subject.


     - The nature of color.

     - How color is captured in digital photography.

     - The color of light and white balance.

     - The nature of color balance and why it works.

     - An overview of color calibration.

     - The difficulties of mixed lighting.

     - As time permits - Color theory and enhancing color through manipulation.