Intermediate Photography


You have control of the camera and you actively use the shutter and aperture to isolate subjects and to emphasize impact. Now it's time to stand apart and learn long exposure, the tripod, and manual mode. These tools make you the master of light and they enable the creation of any image - real or imagined.  They also allow for the melding of images for when the differences in dynamic range are too great for the camera to capture.

Class Description: Low light, long exposure, a tripod, and the move to Manual Mode. Learn how to shoot smooth water and gain an introduction to night photography. The thrust of the class is learning how to capture good exposures in difficult conditions. Controlling exposure and composition in the field means bright and brilliant photos in processing.



     - How to capture long exposures

     - Introductory night photography

     - The nature of Fine Art Photography/Developing a personal style.

     - Intermediate composition and the elements of story.


Class Goals:

     - Take control of the Histogram

     - Evaluate light to get correct exposures in low light

     - Review of processing standards that make your images pop.

The class will meet at the studio and in the field.



     - A camera with manual mode and the ability to mount on a tripod.

     - A tripod

     - Knowledge of Aperture, Shutter, and ISO and how they work together

     - A laptop - Although not a hard requirement, a laptop is needed to follow the in-class demonstrations.


Mike Busby Photography Intermediate Photography