Processing 101 - Camera Raw and Photoshop

Process to the real, the unreal, the abstract, or the out of this world. You can process an image to whatever you want, but it still has to be done with intent and craft. Processing today uses the same principles as Masters using the darkroom.

Learning to process  is overwhelming. Where do you start? Are there guidelines? What of the thousand settings should you use? The class provides a starting place and a working foundation on which to build. It will provide anchors for decision making and it removes a lot of guesswork.

Most importantly, the class uses guidelines to practice, but we use your vision to make it happen.

This class works with Lightroom as well depending on your skill level. Contact Mike if you're a Lightroom user and make sure you're good to go.



     - File Management

     - Processing to a full dynamic range - Make your whites white and your blacks black

     - White Balancing for the aesthetic or the technical.

     - Free Transformation and removing (or creating) distortions.

     - Layers - Adjustment and Background

     - Color Theory

     - How to apply light to make your images pop.


     - A Laptop

     - Bring me your questions