Mike's Macro and Close-Up Photography Class


A close up photo of a Mason Bee."In the Green"In the Green by Mike Busby Photography

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Contact Mike at [email protected], or leave a message at (509) 995-2954


Welcome to the small world. Good close up photography takes some skill and patience and it helps to have someone show you the way. It's about getting a clean focus with extremely narrow depth of field. It's about finding the beauty in miniature landscapes and revealing textures and abstracts. it's about managing the background while keeping the subject large enough for quality prints. 

this class is for hand held close-ups. No tripods or rails needed, but monopods can help. Clients will be provided with a set of notes covering the material.

Spend time with Mike and learn:

- Auto and manual focusing techniques for varying situations.

- Camera settings for stills or fast action.

- Simple lighting techniques so you can shoot throughout the day.

- compositional approaches to pop your images.