The Composition Class



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The class will be the home to people with the intent to evaluate and improve images, give community feedback and learn how to inform future work, and to learn practical and dramatic approaches to composition.

This class will apply placement strategies and design elements to strengthen your images. I will show how to compose for impact, how to compose to build interest, and how to compose to keep viewers in your images. Most importantly, I will put you on the path to become your own authority. While we need to listen and take advice from the masters, at the end of the day, it is ultimately you that has to determine the quality of your work. 

Facebook and internet access is required. Each week will have training material for you to review and consider. Throughout the week people will post images and everybody contributes their opinions. At the end of the week, Mike will conduct a formal review of an image of your choice.

The class features a photo appreciation approach. No judging and scoring, just honest feedback about the strengths of an image, problem areas, and constructive suggestions. People will have the opportunity to apply the week's instruction to build upon their evaluative and critiquing skills.   

While individual images can be improved, the real strength comes from informing ourselves to the next shot. The more we review images for the positives, the more we will find them in the field. The more we look at our work with a critical eye, the more we can improve them and find our unique style.

This format enables you to enjoy the class on your time. It allows time for review and reflection, and most importantly, it enables time for you to infuse a ton of material to your unique style.

This is a fun and engaging class, and each session is limited to five people. So, we get the opportunity to really get to know one another, and the understand where the makers are coming from. 

Contact me if you'd like to register or if you have any questions. I hope to have you on board. 



[email protected]

(509) 995-2954